Getting to Know Me: 20 Random Tidbits…

Hi friends!

brooks beanie

Here I am sitting in front of my little Christmas tree. I am wearing a cute beanie from the best running gear brand ever and my Peachtree Road Race finisher’s t-shirt from this past summer’s race. You don’t know this, but my smile is fueled by the fact that I had turned in my students’ final grades a few hours earlier…

You may have been reading along over the last couple of months and may have been wondering who this person is. I know I haven’t introduced myself entirely too much. So, here are 20 little morsels of me, my life, my fitness, my sense of joy:

  1. I have two cats, Buddha and Dancer, who were littermates. I have had them since April, 2009. They drive me up a wall, but they are totally my “mini me” kitties and I can’t imagine life without them.
  2. I have only run one full marathon–the Maine Marathon, September 30, 2012.
  3. I have been running on and off since 2011. Sometimes life gets in the way, and sometimes injury gets in the way, but running is something I return to over and over again.
  4. My other big fitness love is Les Mills. The group fitness classes that exercise company creates just motivate me and offer so much to my life and my sense of well being.
  5. One of my biggest food weaknesses is the cookies by the pound bar at Whole Foods. I consider it a MAJOR “win” if I walk out of Whole Foods with nothing from the cookie bar. The biggest problems I have are the chocolate peanut butter cookie bars and the raspberry/oat crumble/shortbread bars. They’re way too good. When I do indulge in the cookie bar, I am a total goner for days on end. That stuff is yummy, and it triggers behaviors of me giving in to sweets cravings for way too long.
  6. My husband and I live in Atlanta. We have no way of knowing if we will be here for a long time or for a few months. (See #7 to know why)
  7. My main profession is college professor. I’m not in a tenure-track position in my field yet, but when the right job comes along, there’s no way of knowing where in the country it will be.
  8. My favorite colors are blue and black.
  9. My first fitness love is on a spin bike. I fell in love with Les Mills RPM–a 45 minute cardio peak training cycle class rooted in intervals-based work and emphasizing both strength work (think hill climbs and jumps on the bike) and speed training (think 30 second races…). I fell in love with RPM in 2010, and now–at the cusp of 2019–I am so much more in love with RPM than I ever thought.
  10. In the summer of 2012 I became certified to teach Les Mills Body Flow, a sort of mind-body class that combines elements of yoga, pilates, and tai chi and sets the moves to fun music. I reluctantly began taking Body Flow classes in early 2011 because my quads and glutes were getting way too tight. I thought I would hate it–I wanted to move fast!!!–but I fell in love with Body Flow. I think without Flow in my life, I never would have fallen in love with yoga.
  11. And I have come to really, really, really love yoga. When I find a good teacher in whatever city I live in, I do whatever I can to afford a live class–even if it’s just one class a week or one class every other week. Give me a gentle flow vinyasa class or a restorative class and I am one happy woman!
  12. I could have either Greek food or tex-mex (nachos or tacos please) pretty much every day. I could also have grilled chicken every day. Or salmon every day.
  13. The last time I had a diet coke was February 6, 2013. Every now and then I actually crave the taste of it, but it’s a very fleeting craving. It takes almost nothing for that desire to pass. February 6 2013 is when I began my first whole30 month, on a whim after reading someone’s blog post of her results from her first time playing around with whole30, and I began my whole30 on the fly. I had literally come home from my day on campus, read this woman’s latest blog post, and thought “hey, what if I give that a try? It will be hard, but what’s the worst that can happen?” I made sure I had enough food in my fridge to make dinner that night, and I sort of figured it out as I went along.
  14. My favorite spin shoes are by Shimano. They’re these ones.
  15. I am 4’11” tall. I have been this height since approximately the 8th grade.
  16. The only shoe brand I have ever run in is Brooks. Their shoes are the best–they wear well over time, they fit my feet really well and feel comfortable over time, and though I think that running with insoles really provides the best support for a person’s feet (regardless of how high or low your arches are…), the sock liners that come in Brooks shoes the best in the business. They don’t entirely flatten out after a few weeks of wearing them regularly the way that I think other shoe brands’ sock liners do.
  17. I also love Brooks because of its company ethics and its general approach to everything–RUN HAPPY–and what this has to do BEYOND being a snappy motto. Brooks sponsors elite athletes like Des Linden and really develop a lot of runners, but they also cosponsor initiatives like the Rock & Roll race series that are super community-friendly. Brooks is in it for everyone! All runners–sprinters, distance runners, casual runners, run/walkers, and everyone in between–is welcomed in! What a great approach!
  18. Right now I am rotating between a pair of Ghost 10s and Launch 4s. I just got a pair of Ghost 11s and a pair of Launch 5s to add to the rotation.
  19. My yoga mat is from lululemon. I got one for free about 5 and a half years ago and somehow just haven’t looked back.
  20. Right now I am watching the movie WONDER on Amazon Prime movies and I am enjoying it…and, I will admit, tearing up a little bit.

…I hope you enjoyed this! I had fun letting you know a little bit about me!

2 thoughts on “Getting to Know Me: 20 Random Tidbits…

  1. Thank you for posting this! I’m sorry you haven’t been able to find a TT position, but (if you want one…) I hope one opens up soon. Uncertainty in your career – especially academia – can be so challenging. (I’m in a TT position after leaving one a few years ago to pursue another option that… let’s just say it didn’t work out.) Anyway – it’s good to get to “know” you a bit. I found your blog VERY recently – and honestly, I cannot say from where I navigated! But I really enjoy reading your posts. Thanks!


    • The road to tenure-track can be so challenging, right? I’m in the humanities (this is a ‘good year’ in my immediate field–23 jobs…), and the weird cocktail of visiting professor gigs and contingent faculty gigs that can help a person be employed along the way makes the whole progression so incredibly…non-linear. Definitely different than I ever expected for myself…but I gotta roll with it! That’s why things like running and spin class exist–to help clear the mind and wipe away expectation. Celebrate the work in the moment and in ‘what is.’ 🙂 I’m glad you found your way to my blog!!! Thanks for reading! 🙂


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