Five Minutes of Magic

At one of my jobs, I spend many hours standing on polished concrete. I get to wear running shoes–well, I have to wear running shoes (I work in a running shoe store)–but still, it’s many hours spent on unforgiving floors. More often than not, my legs feel like lead the next morning, even though I have made sure to take some Aleve the evening before. Since many mornings I get in an early workout–whether I run, take or teach a spin class, get in a Body Pump Class–I need to figure out what to do to not feel like lead.

Foam roller, foot massage ball, begging my lovely husband to give me a foot massage, and more–I have pretty much tried everything. Or, at least, I thought I had. Somehow, it had not occurred to me that one of my favorite yoga poses at the end of the weekly restorative yoga class I try to get myself to is actually perfect for the end of a long day at the store. But I was reminded, through the magic of the internet, to give it a try. It’s easy. There’s a technical name (that sounds not-so-technical), but I just want to call it FIVE MINUTES OF MAGIC.

But let’s get to the technical name.

Are you ready for it?


Let me introduce you to Legs Up The Wall.

up the wall

In the winter months, my pajama legs will always have thick Stance socks on my feet! (The pair I am linking is similar to mine since my socks are last year’s style!)

It’s a simple restorative yoga pose. You literally turn your body into a letter L by placing your legs up the wall. You want to get so close to the wall that the entire backside of your legs is flat against the wall, and you just lay there. Try it for five minutes.

Many websites that tout the awesomeness of this simple pose (mostly yoga-related websites) say that it can help with anxiety, headaches, cure insomnia, and so much more. Every website agrees that this simple pose–if held for a few minutes–can freshen up the legs after they are tired from work (think: running, long bike rides, many hours slinging shoes in Retail Land…huffing and puffing and chasing down your gate at the airport between flights to make a connection…rinse, wash, repeat…). This simple pose facilitates blood flow, so that when you’re upright and getting your legs under you again you’ve got some fresh blood flow circulating your legs and feet.


A very happy Stephanie during Legs Up The Wall and with hair all asunder, head laying on the floor…

Give it a try next time you’ve had a long day or a hard workout!

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