Wellness Wednesday: Self-Care and Happy Feet!

Winter down here is not the same as it is in Missouri or Kansas (where I have lived in the past), or Boston (where I lived), or New Jersey (where I grew up). Typically, when the weather dips below 60-65 degrees, people complain that it’s cold and I see runners and cyclists wearing thick-fabricked, fleece-lined clothing. Right now, however, it is *legitimately* cold in Atlanta. The weather app on my iPhone put today’s high at 41 degrees, but I don’t think it got above, oh, 35 or so in my little corner of the city. It made me grateful that Wednesdays are work-from-home days for me and that I could flop around in sweatshirts, knee socks, and yoga pants and do my work instead of dressing like I have some sort of authority (which, lately, has meant dresses, tights, and ankle booties…because, you know, fashion, right?), fighting my way to a parking spot, scurrying across campus to the right building, and standing in front of my classes maintaining that authority I try to create, at least, on a visual level. Wednesdays, right now, are days that I know by one word: glorious.

Work from home days are great in many ways, because if I decide that I need to take a small break for myself in the middle of my day, I have the flexibility to do that. And today, well…let’s just say that life has been more than a bit chaotic lately and has brought on more than its fair share of #adulting and navel-gazing and perhaps some ugly-crying. I needed that little “me-time” break in the middle of the day, and I totally took it. I grabbed the bottle of Mineral Fusion nail polish sitting on my bureau and drove myself to the land of affordable pampering–or, as it’s more commonly called, the nail salon. I needed a pedicure, and I needed a little bit of time sitting still and letting someone else do something for me.


I’m on my feet a lot. Whether I am in front of my college classrooms at work, or walking with a training group through the Atlanta Track Club, or standing in tadasana on my yoga mat or even applying pressure on my feet, clipped into bike pedals, to make the spincycle go faster and faster in the middle of a Les Mills RPM or Sprint class, I put my feet through a lot. Even when I am meandering around and thinking about all of the things that might cross my path in any given day or trying to work out some of the big things that life can throw my way, I trust my cute, little, Size 7 feet to sustain me and carry me through whatever may come. So, when I need to take a little time out and when I know that doing something nice for myself is really necessary, I pretty much always go for a pedicure. It doesn’t change any of the big thoughts in my head, but sitting in that pedicure chair with that back massager cranked all the way up reminds me that there is a lot more to this life than the thoughts that spin and spin in my own head. It’s sort of like taking a “commercial break.” And for a small amount of money, I leave the nail salon with freshly painted toes, smoothed callouses, massaged calves, and a desire to return back to my own daily grind and see what comes next.


My pedicure today, however, felt special. That’s because the nail polish I brought is from one of my favorite brands. I find Mineral Fusion at Whole Foods, and a week ago, one of the Whole Foods locations near me had a special display of the brand’s products, a brand ambassador on location, and a nice little discount on their products. Mineral Fusion products seem to focus on incorporating as much of the natural stuff in the ingredient list while being mindful of the kinds of ingredients that can be seen as harmful in the whole world of body care and cosmetics. The price point is affordable (and, a week ago, was even moreso with a handy-dandy little sale…), Whole Foods and the natural products stores that carry the brand are ubiquitous and I can find them everywhere I go, and–hey–I am a firm believer in treating yourself in little and meaningful ways whenever possible! Today I put that polish to good use and let it add some nice little meaning in the middle of a whole lotta chaos. And my life, well, is made–if nothing else–all the prettier for it!


(Mineral Fusion did not sponsor this post; I just really, really, really like their products!!!)

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