This is how I take it…

I’ve never been one of those people who’s “by the book.” I always search for ways to personalize a set of instructions for what might suit me better, and I am one of those people who can’t seem to keep an exact and predictable gym routine. My life, it seems, is way too busy for that. But the gym is a priority to me. Getting regular exercise at least 5-6 days per week (on a good week; 4-5 days is acceptable in the middle of a very, very, very bad week…).

To keep me on track and to help me get organized, however, I have a habit of projecting for the week ahead. I think about all of the things I like to do (yoga and Les Mills Body Flow workouts on my own when I can’t get to the gym or when I am not actually teaching a class as well as the different classes & activities that my local track club and my gym offer…), and I look at my day planner and figure it out. And, each week, I make a schedule like the one I am showing below. The schedule also goes in my day planner, and this sheet of paper gets posted on my fridge, exactly at eye-level. As long as I hit the amount of cardio, yoga, and strength work that makes me happy each week, the exact schedule doesn’t matter. It can morph and mold to work with all the things that fill the rest of my life!

Usually, I make my schedule on Sunday mornings at the same time when I figure out groceries for the week and what meal prep will look like. This afternoon, though, I had a few minutes and zero desire to get to work, so I got busy and made it happen. Once I have actually exercised, I transfer the information to my profile on dailymile, the amazing website I have been using for years.

What works for you? In your healthy and hectic life, how do you stay organized and make sure that you get your workout in on a regular basis?


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